Sport in Wales


Wales is home to a wide range of sports but above all, rugby, football and boxing. All the mentioned sports are viewed as Wales’ traditional sports and an integral part of the country’s culture for more than once century, especially rugby and boxing. You can talk to specialist trainers like who can advise on a course or training session in any particular sport field such as personal training or strength and conditioning training. The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff is always sold out when the national team plays the Six Nations Championship and all the streets are empty when the matches of Welsh boxers are broadcast live.

Wales has produced many world-class athletes who went into history for their achievements but not many can compete with the legendary Barry John, Gareth Edwards, J.P.R Williams from the Golden Age of the Welsh rugby in the 1970s with all the respect to the current rugby national team that has thrilled the Welsh with their victory in the 2012 Six Nations Championship. Just as impressive, if not even more so are the achievements of the Welsh boxing champions.

Queensberry Rules

Just like rugby, golf and football, boxing has a long tradition in Wales. It was, after all, a Welsh sportsman - John Graham Chambers who wrote the Queensberry Rules that still form the core of the sport of boxing. And despite the fact that the professional boxing came to be mostly dominated by the American boxers in the first half of the 20th century, Welsh boxers were not an easy opponent. On the contrary, Wales continuously produced world champions starting from Percy Jones who was the first Welsh to win a World Championship title in 1914. Two years later, the World Championship title was also won by Jimmy Wilde who went into history as one of the greatest boxers of all times and according to some as “the greatest flyweight ever”.

Throughout the 20th century, Wales continued to produce boxing world champions and world class boxing training centres with integrated Firstaid4sport centres, but interestingly, only in light and middleweight categories. Heavyweight Welsh boxers have not been as successful as their colleagues from other parts of the UK although some such as Joe Erskine and Dick Richardson were very successful. However, at the end of the 20th century, Wales (and the world) saw the rise of another Welsh boxing champion who would reign his category for more than 10 years. We are of course talking about Joe Calzaghe who is widely considered as one of the top boxers of all times. The former WBO, WBC, IBF, WBA & The Ring Super Middleweight Champion and The Ring Light Heavyweight Champion has not lost a single bout during his professional career that lasted from 1993 to 2009 when he retired from boxing.